100 definitions by John Smith

A term generally used to refer to the greatest man alive.

Man i wish i was as cool as dker
by John Smith September 12, 2003
a word used to descripe spinner, the creator of planetarion.
...the ever dress-wearing spinner.

Spinner is dress-wearing.
by John Smith August 18, 2003
To put into a triangular formation
3 beer pong cups into a triangular formation
by John Smith March 26, 2005
the fat above the crotch of an old and/or fat woman. usually appears below the belt-line as a big bulge
my grandma has the biggest f-ing pumis. it is so gross.
by john smith March 19, 2005
to play a double-header
They opened the twin-bill with a win.
by John Smith February 14, 2005
Something Glen always says, but we never understand.
Oh - jeesh! This is like driving in greasy peanut butter!
by John Smith January 15, 2004
noun word used to describe one who gives anal sex
God Jim, your such a buttstabber
by john smith March 27, 2003

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