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Noun. The art of recieving a blumpkin while the toilet is clogged or stuffed, and the water is in the top of the bowl. When feces are released, the increase in volume requires the toilet water to be expelled on to the face of the person giving the afformentioned blowjob.
My buddy clogged the toilet when he flushed the baby down there, and the water was going all over the place. My dirty bitch went down on me anyway and she gave me a splash blumpkin.
by John Slivka December 27, 2006
A woman who has a lot of or refuses to shave her pubes. This is derived from the fact that due to the thickness of pubic hair, light will never reach the actual skin; similar to sunlight in the rainforest. In addition, the hair is thick enough to be a habitat for animal life.
This one time I saw my buddy's girl come out the shower. I kinda knew she was one of those feminist twats who didn't shave beforehand, but now I had evidence that she was a walking Rainforest Violation!
by John Slivka October 31, 2007
Warm Hole Provider.

A woman who you really don't care about at all, besides the fact that she provides you with a warm hole every once in a while.
So there's this chick I'm nailing, hopefully she doesn't want a relationship, because I would love to keep her as my WHP.
by John Slivka October 11, 2008
Verb. The practice of exploring new and exciting strip or gentleman's clubs. More easily talked about at places where discretion is preferred, such as work, school, holiday dinners, church, temple, and funerals.
Yo dude, wanna go Magellaning this weekend? I have an abundance of singles that can be donated to the Single Mother's College Fund.
by John Slivka December 24, 2009

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