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hu-ba-ju. NOUN. 1. A Person who has the keen ability to save money, time and/or effort by manipulating (mostly incorrrectly) machinery, people and work. 2. Cheapskate 3. Jerry-rigger 4.Unpleasant Person . Other Forms verb Hoobajooing Hoobajooed, adv Hoobajooly,
"He was supposed to replace the part on the car, instead he hoobajooed it together with glue and fishing line"

"She never bought a good one she just keept hoobajooing the old one back to life"

"That guy would charge different prices for the same thing, he was a real hoobajoo"

"The factory hoobajooly ran the wires close to the flame so they could melt"
by John Rogosich July 25, 2006

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