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meaning: your own mother
origin: north-eastern england
"see that old lady with the beard and the prolapsed vagina - that's your hwaan muvva"

"hwaan muvva'd be turning in her grave"

see also the music of UK hip-hop act Stonasaurus, who popularised the term on their debut album.
by John Riley August 19, 2004
corruption of the word twenty used by chavs and crusties, usually when discussing disco biscuits or cigarettes
"pete's bruvva lost chetty pills at Glastonbury"

"chetty B&H mate"
by John Riley August 24, 2004
what to say when hooded figures threaten to skin you alive.
thug: "hey infidel - We're going to take your skin off"

you: "skin me now!"
by John Riley August 27, 2004
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