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Alford's Occult Crimes Investigations "Signs and Symbols of Occult/Devil Worship" list also includes a sigil that looks like the word "ZOSO" with the interpretation: "Demon: 3 headed dog that guards gates to hell." "ZOSO" has been popping up in various so-called manuals on "occult related crime" for years. It is usually defined in these manuals as: "ZOSO: The three headed dog that guards the gates of Hell."
Medieval magicians believed that each spirit had a seal or sigil which identified it or which was related to it. This was probably because it was customary for people to use seals of distinctive designs to seal letters as a form of signature in those days. The argument seems to have been that if people had them, spirits must have them too. "Zoso" is a sigil which is related to the planet Saturn. In modern times you will find it on the album covers and record labels of the British rock group "Led Zeppelin." A good example, can be found on the dust cover of the album "Led Zeppelin IV".
Jimmy Page was the lead guitarist of Led Zepplin. Page is a serious student of occult subjects and bought Aleister Crowley's old house in London, which he turned into a metaphysical book store. Page chose this sigil because Saturn is related to the metal lead, relating in turn to the name of this group. He chose several other symbols for the Led Zepplin IV album, an example being the inside cover, which is a reproduction of "The Hermit" card of the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck. "Zoso" later became the name of the Led Zepplin Fan Club, based in San Francisco.
"The demon that guards the gate of hell has the mark of ZoSo on his forehead."
by John Ramos December 22, 2004

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