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An eyecatching link on a website which encourages people to read on. It is often paid for by the advertiser ("Paid" click bait) or generates income based on the number of clicks.
This is not news, really. It’s click bait, the stuff pageviews are made of.


This is the worst article I've ever read, clearly from a massive Microsoft hater or paid by Apple/Google. It's just paid FUD clickbait, wouldn't expect any better of news.com.au. Source: Whirlpool Forum 21 Oct 2012.
by John Prior October 30, 2012
Diarrhoea (the shits): rhyming slang used by older generation in Australia in memory of the 1950s and 60s music hall duo Bob and Dolly Dyer.
I must have eaten someting bad the other night; I had the Bob and Dollys all the next day.
by John Prior July 10, 2008
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