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Middleaged, Overweight, Achoholic, Gay, Prostitute who is just the nastyest, most greasy fag you have ever seen
Tom- Eww is that you I smell?
Betty- No, that was her.
Tom- Who?
Betty- No, Her over there digging in that trash can with her crack hanging out.
Tom- Oh, you mean Fagatha over there, eww she looks like she was rolled in to some Crisco.
by John Pidcock December 21, 2008
Someone who smells like shit all of the time, someone who goes to the bathroom on themselves.
Ralph- Hold up, who spilled gravy all over my new white carpet?
Scott- Umm, Ralph, I think you need to sit down.
Ralph- Why?
Scott- Ralph, Thats not from the gravy, Thats from Colostomy Bag Kate, see theres a trail all the way from the bathroom to your car.
by John Pidcock December 21, 2008
A mean gay person, a bitchy fag
Damn, stop yelling at me Queerella de Ville, and leave my son alone
by John Pidcock December 21, 2008
jazzy fags, people who wear clothes for gays, ie: boas, spandex, sequins, and listens to Elton John and Barbara Streistand
Look at that fag daddy ringing his bitch bell, wait, is that Chris?
by John Pidcock December 21, 2008
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