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High Class; acting rich or used to the finer things life has to offer
That hoe needs to stop actin boughie everybody knows she frontin.
by John Paul February 28, 2005
The strategic action of pulling out your nut(s) and causing people to be shocked and/or stunted in disbelief.Also none as nutting.
I gave Brad and his grandparents a Nut Suplex.

I nutted Tyron in class today.
by John Paul October 06, 2003
Foreskin (literal translation to english "quatro" = four ; "piel" = skin.
That dude has a quatro-piel!
by John Paul October 28, 2003
A twin is what I (John Paul) call a 20 dollar bill.
Joe: How much money do you have?
John Paul: All I got is a twin.
by John Paul October 06, 2003
A person who is a fruit. One who is acts gay but is stone cold hetero.
That dude with the pink shirt is metro
by John Paul November 03, 2003
To not answer your phone a few times when someones name pops up, but answer straight away if it is a private number. Named after Andrew Lockie
" Fuck, I just tried to call you and you didnt pick up, then i set my phone to private, and you picked up straight away! You just pulled a lockie u bitch!"
by John Paul April 28, 2005
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