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(noun)A dame who knows how to get everything she wants.Chickawawa.
(verb) Every time a promise is made with conditions and conditions are not met, but promise is kept. you have been chickawawa'd.
(noun) Blackwidow,Golddigger . Example:Lady Chickawawa sure is hot, but the maintenance, Hebus!
(verb) Wow Betty that sure is a sweet ride, where'd you get
that? Well you see I promised Bill aBJ every morning for the next 5 years,He,Ha! Well I'd have to say you sure chickawawa'd him on that one babe.
by John P Ursel February 15, 2008
That annoying feeling you get when a small child sits down behind you on a long flight.
when your fuckin rugrats wont go to bed when their told too.
or dispight numerous warns about constantly bothering their siblings they JUST WONT LISTEN fuck!
hebus bob there sure was alot of perturbulance on my flight
by John P Ursel February 15, 2008
to lose ones sponch,hegum, manstuff.
What an asian dishwasher says when your 3 hrs late.
Carl is always ready to cumulate when Sally is in town.
OR Hey chaaie why always cumulate.
by John P Ursel February 15, 2008
what a felcher belches
well sam I'll tell ya you shuld rinse those sperds you taste like ca
by John P Ursel February 15, 2008
what a gay boy has for supper.
or to infiltrate an orifice with goo.
stevie sure did enjoy that spermiate last night.
lola was amazed at joe's ability to spermiate.
by John P Ursel February 15, 2008

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