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3 definitions by John Niederbuhl

A sissy, wus, pussy, lacking spine, no guts, femmy
He flaked again, took her to some girl flick, then shopping Saturday, wouldn't even stop for a forty--what a canal!
by John Niederbuhl April 15, 2008
15 17
To deal with rejection, anger and frustration in futile, possibly self-injurious ways--such as by pounding salt up one's ass
I'm not his tool, he can go hammer.
by John Niederbuhl April 13, 2008
5 17
Noun: Idle, but animated chat--could be directed to one who is not interested or could be catching up between acquaintances, akin to shooting the s--t, but of shorter duration.

Verb: To engage in such chat (like birds flap their wings and vocalize when getting together)
She came at me with some inane flap, and it was all I could do to act polite.

I'll be watching the game while you girls flap.
by John Niederbuhl April 12, 2008
17 29