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People that use intravenous drugs. Esp Heroin. And are addicted.
He has been slammen for eight years now so his shit is always right,if I wanted baby laxitive I would go to Wallgreens. Daved gets 'Getto Boy' stamp bags so it slams you righteously.. Be carefull you don't fall out, this stuff is for a real slammer
by John N Toxey February 18, 2008
Some one addicted to codeine cough syrup,tussionex or hycodan. Come from the fact they often spill it on themselfs. IE: syrup on waffles. Older saying common to Pittsburgh.
Those waffle heads can get so sloppy at times. I had to put the lid back on David's and stick it in his pocket or it would be gone.
by John N Toxey February 18, 2008
Pittsburgh slang for working class Pittsburgher, particularly used in Southside of the city and inner city.
Derogitor, of low intelligence ment for mill work.
They were a couple of younzers those stupid jaggoffs.
by John N Toxey February 18, 2008
To overdose on any given drug esp heroin.
I gave Josh that 100 mg transdermal fentanyl patch he was begging me for. I warned him He fell out at the bar and I had to get a cab and watch him for three hours and keep him moving or he would have fell out for good.
by John N Toxey February 18, 2008
person that can use narcotics on occasion without becoming physically addicted.
Don't worry about joe, he is just a chipper and never gets a habbit. He can take it or leave it and won't spend his rent money on the H
by John N Toxey February 18, 2008

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