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A one eyed Scottish idiot.
"In England we've got this one eyed Scottish idiot........." - Jeremy on Gordon Brown
by John Murff February 11, 2009
An action named after English footballer Wayne Rooney, who is a stereotypical English chav. The action refers to anti-social behaviour where the person or persons 'roonays' or breaks something, generally whilst in an intoxicated state. Ususally, after the incident has occured the persons friends will mimic Manchester United supporters by chanting "Roonay, Roonay Roonay!" and pointing their fingers.
"Lorcan, that was a pretty Roonay thing to do."
"Joe, that was such a Roonay comment"
by John Murff January 10, 2006
What you do when listening to Dutch DJ Tiesto whilst drunk after drinking large quantities of Jagërmeister. It will usually involve a night club and the early hours of the morning, but occasionally involves nothing but an MP3 player and a bottle.
Steve was tiestomeistering around the dance floor when he knocked over his Girlfriend.

We're gonna go out and get out Tiestomeister on!!!
by John Murff August 01, 2006
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