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Winter-een-mas is a holiday started by brain frostbite of Tim Buckley's very own Ethan. It was a holiday for everyone to serve him, but fortunately, it has changed from that beginning idea.

Winter-een-mas is a gamer's holiday. The Winter-een-mas season lasts all of January, but the holiday is the last week of January, January 25-31. It emphasizes the companionship of gamers. However, gift-giving is not recommended, as it may ruin the holiday spirit. Small, handmade gifts are quite alright, though.

Celebrate Winter-een-mas by playing videogames with your friends, by wearing interesting gaming clothing/accesories, and especially by writing letters of thanks to those wonderful developers who make the games!
Happy Winter-een-mas! Do you want to play some Halo to celebrate the season?
by John Montgomery January 21, 2004

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