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another far right reactionary who pretends to be a moderate so he can get votes for his anti-choice pro-coporate war-mongering policies. Has a black baby and went crazy in Vietnam after getting his ass whooped by POWs. Also in the mid 1980's caught in the middle of the Keating Five S&L scandal. Dodged trouble because of the so called "liberal" media.
No matter what the corporate media says, this man has no base in his party, and will not win over moderate voters. They will see that he is another right wing fascist. Not even his black baby will vote for him.
by John Michaels February 15, 2005
George W Bush's America
Right now American is being ruled by a bunch of crooks because of a man who thinks God speaks thru him ,and wanted him to run for president. God Help America!
by John Michaels February 06, 2005
father: a wish washy wannaba tough guy who went back on his campaign promise not to raise taxes, got us into deep recession with the then-biggest deficits of all time
the son: without the flip flop, the same as his daddy except worse. lied to take us to war and is a complete utter moron.
father: "the congress will push me to raise taxes, and I'll say no, they'll push me again and I'll still say no, they ll push and I will tell them 'read my lips: no new taxes!'"

son:"your working hard to put food on your family"
by John Michaels February 26, 2005

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