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n. A state of being high. It's a hypothetical place in one's mind where one travels upon getting high. Usually, but not necessarily, via Marijuana.

Synonymous with Paint City.
Heather: Anybody got any wood?
Jiffy: Yeah, I got some fake.
Paul: Word, let's roll up and visit cloud city, bitches.
by John McLove May 27, 2011
N. A state of being high.

Possibly originated in Wiz Khalifa's rap song titled "Car Service," but may have existed prior to that. The same thing as cloud city.

1.Heather: You guys got any wood?
Jiffy: Yeah, I got some fake.
Paul: Word, let's roll up and visit Paint City, bitches.

2. Wiz Khalifa: I'm rolling up another one, staring out this window. You're telling me to change how I'm living but it's all I know. I seen the Paint City on my way up to another one. You'll find me anywhere that paper goes. - "Car Service"
by John McLove May 27, 2011
V. When a dude relunctantly has intercourse with someone whom he considers to be slightly repulsive, doing so solely out of obligation to his penis. This term is especially important when your bros ask you the age-old question, "Would you hit that?" in reference to a somewhat unattractive chick.
Biscuit Joe: "Hey, man, would you bang Caitlin?"
Grey Jiff: "Uh... I wouldn't enjoy sexing up Caitlin, but I feel like I owe it to my dick to get some action. I might not nail anyone else for a long time. So, yeah, I'd close my eyes, take a deep breath, imagine Jessica Alba, and obligation bang Caitlin's nasty ass.
by John McLove May 22, 2011

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