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One who is so awesome that if they were king or queen he or she would kick everyone's ass. And when people ask how ruling the world is, he or she would be like, "see that ass over there. Kick it. Didn't that feel good? Now imagine kicking everones ass everyday. That's what's it's like ruling the world. Now turn around so I can kick your ass." And that is kickasstastic.
Holy crap!!! I just saved that baby from getting hit by a runaway grocery cart, and the baby's mom gave me twenty dollars. That's kickasstastic! or I'm kickasstastic!
by John McClendon January 28, 2007
A ball made from loose items around a store in which a person works. The ball represents all of the hardships one must go through while working a dead end job at minumum wage for at least 3 years. It may be decorated with pictures of sad faces.

Traditional items used for assembly: Shrink Wrap, Windex, paper, parperclips, a child's shoe, flammable liquid, and/or ass pennies.

Sad Batt is not included.
1st pissed off employee: Shit man. I hate my job. Let's make a sad ball and fucking through at the store.

2nd pissed off employee: Fuck man. Let's put some lighter fluid in that shit and set it on fire.

Hilarity ensues.
by John McClendon January 28, 2007
Someone who is a professional carnie; in turn, smelling like cabbage. For all carnies smell of cabbage. Or someone with small hands who may be hinding a carnie past.

Root: One of Austin Powers two fears - "Carnies. Small hands...smell like cabbage."

Used primarly North of North Birmingham.
You have a friend who is incredibly short with small hands. You establish weeks ahead of time you think she is carnie who smells of cabbage.

Hey, what's up eggroll?
by John McClendon January 28, 2007

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