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2 definitions by John McAloon

1.Much better than lickity-split, and hopefully not nearly as fast!

2.To engage in cunnilingus, but not have to know how to pronounce it.

3. As a noun, a great session of muffdiving.
Sandy can never stay angry with me after a good hour of licksplit!
by John McAloon October 29, 2003
5 5
1. The horrible cacophony of sound produced by gaggles of liberals when emphasizing the negative aspects of the War on Terror.

2. The ceaseless focus by the liberal media on bad news from Iraq to the exclusion of reporting any good news. Also, the bogging-down of otherwise intelligent people subjected to this media onslaught.
I was in high spirits and looking forward to an exciting date and a night on the town until I turned on CNN, and became trapped in their quackmire of despair.
by John McAloon October 29, 2003
10 28