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Particular strain of British youth culture of the 1950s, adopting a look that combined Saville Row elegance with American-influenced street-hood style. The Teddyboy, or Ted, listened to rock 'n' roll music, smoked cigarettes, and generally posed as a tough. There are still a few Teddyboys around, particularly in places such as Germany and Japan.
Long black jacket with a velvet collar
I`m a real cool Ted, I`m a crazy fella
Drainpipe trousers, crepe sole shoes
Ringlet stockings, boppin` the Blues
Are you ready to rock
It`s the Teddyboy Bop

(song lyrics by Foggy Mountain Rockers)
by John Lucas September 14, 2004
Term for a particular class of British youth of the 1950s, also known as a Teddyboy. Named for the so-called "Edwardian look" of the early 1950s. Teds often adopted American accents and listened to American rockabilly music.
"When the Ted stole the sophisticated Edwardian look from the Saville Row dandies who had pioneered it, he did so like some Indian brave looting the uniform from one of Custer’s dead." (The Daily Mirror, Sept. 1953)
by John Lucas September 14, 2004
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