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a dick and or its balls that have been covered in jizz and left to dry without cleaning, resulting in a crusty residue all over the genitals.
dude jerked off all over his hog and left the shit to dry, fuckin rockin the crusty hog.
#dirty dick #nasty nutts #crusty cock #crusted crum #crusty
by John Lindley December 17, 2007
when a person uses the bose headphones while jerking off in his/her room so his roomates cant hear his porn or him slapping his hog. Most commonly used in dormitories.
I walked in his room and his pants were at his ankles, laptop in front his face, and headphones on his head. He was having a serious bose session.
#secret slapping #silent hog tuggin #sneak jerk #hidden hog #silent slap.
by John Lindley December 17, 2007
The act of accidentally dropping a filthy steaming deuce while your humping the hell out of some broad/bro. Most commonly occurring after a high fiber meal.
I was in my parents room doing it in there shower with Joey and as he was railing me out he accidentally pinched a loaf on my parents shower floor, I look down and theres a Kirby bomb splat down on the floor.
#sex shart #oopsy poopsy #sss #spontaneous sex shit #sex loaf #doody bomb
by John Lindley December 17, 2007
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