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when a man sticks his dick in a taco shell and puts hot sauce on it.
i gave my girl a cocko for dinner last night.
by john kimble September 09, 2003
1. a sense of frustration that leads to anger which inturn that leads to repetitive curses of "bullshit" and "what the fuck"
2. a constant complainer/whiner.
e.g. Quit being such an arkon.
by John Kimble September 10, 2003
NinjaMasterBeta is a cool guy.
Wow NinjaMasterBeta, you are cool!
by John Kimble April 08, 2004
A(n) individual(s) who runs a web server who tends to draw alot of attention to themself thus provoking their peers to mock and redicule him/her.
e.g. I am so tired of that pen0s face admin banning my friends.
by John Kimble September 10, 2003
a bald headed fat ass who sucks his own ass while giving him self a hand job
that teacher is a fuckin sweetheimer!!!
by john kimble September 09, 2003
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