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Otherwise known as 'goonie' 'bod' or occasionally 'Kilday', a Stod is a demon with eyes on stalks and grey straggly hair found mainly in hospys, KFC and sweet shops.
Oh yey, he's syuch a good goonie and a bit of a stod.
by John Kilday August 03, 2003
Dajig is a word that means anything. A favourite of Voldo, Steer and other Gang members.
Dajig dajig, dajig dajig. Dajig? Dajig!
by John Kilday August 03, 2003
A new piece of 1337 derived from the combination of fucking and pwn, thus to 'fwn' is to fucking pwn, or pwn to a very high standard.
I pwn you, n00b.
Yeah? Well I fwn you, har har, I am teh 1337z0rs.
by John Kilday August 30, 2003

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