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A weekly lesson in the economics of the negro. That somehow it makes more sense to take a 1973 Chevy Luv pickup that's held together with duct tape and bailing wire and, instead of fire-bombing the piece of shit and collecting the insurance money, you spend about $85,000 painting, buying new wheels & tires, & putting a body kit on the outside. But you don't stop there - you put 14 plasma screens, a fish tank, DJ turntable, a stove, washing machine, barber chair, massage table, popcorn popper, dance floor, and putting green inside it. In some strange way, this is the best way to use the cash, and just buying another, newer car is not.
MTV Dummy: Yo xzibit, when you're done whoring yourself out hocking deodorant (which you likely don't wear), will you pimp my ride?

X: Naw, beeyotch! We can't pimp that ride, it's only 4 years old & you can still see paint on it. Leave it out in the sun for a year or so, gets you some dents in it & we see.
by John Keinz Kerry February 28, 2005
The Scottish version of the tutu, worn by ballet dancers, pillow biters and semen lovers. Gives the wearer the freedom to engage in the Scottish national past time of gay-anal sex at the drop of a hat, while also permitting him to give another kilt-wearing faggot the Scottish secret handshake - a.k.a. the reach around.
It's a good thing I wore me kilt today, I ran into Finneus at the pub, and we enjoyed a good rogering in the ladies' room.
by John Keinz Kerry March 04, 2005

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