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7 definitions by John Kebab

A shite that has been left in the pan overnight (either accidentally, or on purpose) that turns the water brown, and quite frankly, smells horrific for the first visitor of the day.
Fucking hell Frank, some bastard has left a nightwatchman in trap 3 - it nearly put me off my morning shite.
by John Kebab September 05, 2010
Crafty office workers who use an alternative floor to go for a shite.
Hows it hanging John? I needed a massive shite this morning, but I went to the 4th floor to wreck those cunts in accounts bog instead of ours. I got in and out before anybody came in -it was quality Stealth Bombing.
by John Kebab February 27, 2010
'Hi vicar, thanks for coming round for tea and scones. I hope you don't mind if I stand, but I had 10 pints and a curry last night and my bottaye is a trifle sensitive'.
by John Kebab June 02, 2009
A cunt
Look at her over there. I bet her gint is dripping like a fucked fridge.
by John Kebab March 27, 2009
drunk beyond belief
Fuck sake Ernie, look at the state of John...he's had 15 pints and he's absolutley ginted.
by John Kebab June 02, 2009
A combination of food and gint.
To have a meal before going out on the piss, with a view to picking up a bit of gint. 'Alright John, lets get some fint before we start the really heavy drinking'
by John Kebab March 27, 2009
(Rejected Take Off) - Failing to obtain an erection of significant strength to penetrate the relevant oriface.
I tell you what Stan, next time I'm onto a promise of doing the wife up the arse, I'll need to limit myself to 10 pints of Stella beforehand. I nearly had an RTO.
by John Kebab September 13, 2010