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Tribadism (more commonly known as scissoring) is the act of sexual arousal by means of rubbing two vagina together.

Common terms for this act are:
"Scissoring", "Pussy Locking", "The Twisted Sister", "Twisted Sisters", "Bumping Donuts", "Red Rubbing", "Clit-Clatting", "Rock, Paper, Vagina", "Twiztid Scissors", "Pocket Docket", "Smelly Time", "Mashing Cookies", "Churning Butter", "Bob Saget", "Muff Buffing", "Grinding Beans", "Boiling Eggs", "Maynard Truman", "Rose-Bud-Thud", "Ginger Smacking", "Cracker Barreling", "Sticky Sliding", "Cat Nipping", "Touching Tacos", "Position 7-B", "Clam Jousting", "Cardio Snuggling", and "Bumping Fur."
They laid down and began to wrap their legs around each other's wet holes. They began vigorously scissoring.
by John K. Fenton August 09, 2007

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