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A black man with corn rows. Taken from the show on nickolodeon "Just Jordan"
"I can't remember that black guy with cornrows name."
"just call him Just Jordan"
by John Joseph February 07, 2007
Dominate-verb.- To blow diarrhea fast and quick, into the toilet, but stuck to the toilet, and when you leave there is a very bad smell
"I just dominated in there"
"Oh really? How long where you in there?"
"Awhile...but listen to me dude do NOT go in there!"
by John Joseph February 06, 2007
a person who has sex with animals or objects, such as a dog or a stuffed animal.

a person who prefers sex with dolls or masturbating rather than sex with another person.
"hey, did you see that guy having sex with a cow?"
yeah dude, that was sick. he's a sextant."
by John Joseph February 07, 2007
A person who as sexual intercourse with an animal or objects, such as baloons.
A person who perfers sex with a doll rather than a person.
"A man was having sex with a stuffed animal"
"Man, He's a sextant"
by John Joseph February 06, 2007
verb: more fun word of saying Boob Job
Man, see that chick she does one hell of a boo-
Stop right there! you mean Titty Fuck
by John Joseph June 16, 2008

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