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a.The one with higher authority
b.The power house
a.I am the Gleemax OBEY AT ONCE!
b.He is the gleemax in basketball.
by John Jones December 03, 2004
a member of the male species that has sex alot.
That guy John banged four girls last week,he's a real hum dinger sex fiend dick -slinger
by john jones May 23, 2004
Disparaging term for a fat dumbass.
Yo, that weeble-wobble ate 14 crispy sandwhiches today.
by John Jones January 30, 2003
Something that is rough, beaten up or a little dirty.
The quarter in the grass was shinyesque.
The look in her eye is shinyesque.
by John Jones April 29, 2007
Word used in place of "fuck" to prevent bad language.
Why don't you go fuck your man you stupid foci.
by John Jones January 30, 2003
The crust left over after someone who can't wipe their ass excretes their wastes (shit).
David could not fuck his girl because her skunt covered her ass.
by John Jones January 30, 2003
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