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Kind of like a drive through carwash but the windows remain open at first. While you are waiting in line to enter an attendant walks up to your car and hands all the passengers a card which has bubbles on it. They are instructed to bubble in information such as their position in the car, desired method of penetration (if any) and whether or not they would like to be sprayed with Sythejakulate (TM). The attendent also checks that all the passengers are nude and of appropriate age. When it is a car's turn the attendant feeds the cards into a photo-optic reader and instructs driver to put the vehicle in neutral. The fee is differential with respect to the acts requested and the number of passengers. Then it is dragged along be a traction chain as in an ordinary car wash. Once in side up to four extentable robotic arms spring into action. First they self-couple with the appropriate adapter: a hand, a mouth, a vibarating, Synthejaculate equipped dildo. Then they enter the open windows and begin fucking the car's occupants. Advanced artificial intelligence and faciobody recognition capablities enable the robotic arms to match requested sex acts to the correct occupants and to recognize when climax is reached or more or less stimulation is desired. Just in case a Robofucker (TM) goes bezerk or misreads a customer, a CPA certified pervet attendant stands unannounced behind a one-way mirror monitoring the proceedings and ready to pull the emergency stop should the need arise. When all occupants are satisfied the robotic arms decouple with their fuckers and couple with cleaning implements which clean the insides of the car. Finally the occupant(s) are instructed to close the window as a regular car wash complete with wax and air drying closes the process. The car exits and the occupants continue on their merry way..
The new Sexthrough that just opened in Quincy is offering free washes today me and the girls have got to get down their. Plus dad's lexus ls could really use a washing.
by John Harvard January 26, 2008
A sexual act during which the man defecates in the woman's mouth. She then begins to perform oral sex on the man, but at a certain point he takes over and uses the residue as lube to masturbate on her face.
Yale sucked so much against Harvard that I gave that girl a yalie to release my frustration.
by John Harvard January 07, 2006
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