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Rem snyder is a: a little jew claw that runs around with his butt buddy antonn but it aint no bigger than a won-ton. Rem likes to stick his pinky in cats assholes and touch little dogs. He uses those little fish floppers that indians use to hold their dicks up on a stick cause it has no muscle (just like how fat that little bitch is)
Rem:Hey antonn let me grab your ass!
Antonn: *drops the soap that aint even slippery* ok im ready.
Rem:hang on let me lube it up with my moms cookin oil that she milked last night.
by John Grimaldi April 20, 2005
Some fuckin half a jewby, that likes to grind with the irish jig.Rems pec is lopsided and wotnot like that.
Yo did you see Rem Snyder, that damn jew getting it in the butt from the irish again.
by John Grimaldi April 20, 2005
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