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Massive car designed by General Motors, driven exclusively by men with penis insecurities or doctors' wives. Only gets 9 mpg, so they're basically fucked when oil starts running low and/or shooting up in price.
"Jesus, gas is back to a dollar eighty-five a gallon. I can't believe I bought that stupid fucking hulk for 50k."
"At least you're in your sexual prime, man."
by John Galt's Urologist January 16, 2004
To copy an article to your blog, then after every paragraph insert your own oh-so-witty comments. You don't actually have to refute or analyze anything you don't agree with, because ad hominem attacks like "this douche prick is obviously a goatfucker" is basically the same thing.
This is teh Socialist goatfucker! It's too bad Atlas Shrugged isn't required reading in every third grade class room, because this stuff practically fisks itself.
by John Galt's Urologist January 16, 2004
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