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Computer G-Unit. This is a person who tries to be gangsta online. This is done by having gangsta buddy icons, wallpapers, talking gangsta online, etc.
"sup dawg!"
"oh no! a CGU!!!"
"I be chillin' in da crib homeboy! Where you at?"
*non CGU shoots his computer*
by John Frisko April 16, 2005
To surpass a pwn by infinite multitudes.
Undoubtably the best form of owning someone. After being pin pwned one can never show their face anywhere.
"man that guy got pwned"
"no he got PIN PWNED!"
"fo shizzle"
by John Frisko April 16, 2005
When a dozen n00bs completely gang up on a pr0. In many cases gangsterizing results in the pr0 manhandling all the n00bs. Many of these n00bs consider themselves to be computer g-units(look up CGU).
Also spelled 64n6z3r1z3.
"I got gansterized!"
"how many?"
"how many did you kill?"
by John Frisko April 16, 2005
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