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2 definitions by John Fiasco

1. A big Hispanic (Puerto Rican) M.C who use to win alot of freestyle battles in Brooklyn and Chicago! Also a high ranking member of the Spanish Cobras street gang, Uzi got shot in 1997 by the Latin Kings in the North Side of Chicago.
2. Uzi started a record label in 1999 and has since graduated from college and is on his way to becoming a teacher at the univeristy level.
Yo Papa Big Eddie Uzi is at the Elbow Room spinning his dome piece and spitting flame.
by John Fiasco October 06, 2006
1. From the top of your head.
2. Term used to describe an idea that was illustrated without prior thought or process.
3. A haircut at the barber shop.
What up money I got this new hook of the dome Piece, Peep this.
by John Fiasco October 06, 2006