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Someone who was never cool who desperately wanted to be so changed the C in cool cat to Kool Kat and in turn still knows they are not cool but tries so hard
So anyway daniel what were you saying you were going to ask out Anna belinda?

Yeah when she sees what a Kool Kat i am she wont be able to resist.

Yeah i think you have a good chance (Wink Wink Nudge Nudge).
by John Fenty November 12, 2007
somebody who thinks they are cool and is really just a loser, or somebody who knows they are a loser and shows it

They think instead of using a C they use a K that makes them cool but in turn makes them very uncool
-Hey guys im a Real Kool-Cat, i think ill go spread it around.

-Yeah of course you are.
by John Fenty November 12, 2007
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