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When a man takes a dump on a woman's cleavage and then cums on it.
Hey babey want a streak and cheese for the road?
by John Farrell April 04, 2004
Another word for a firecracker.
We went down to the park and set off some Flying Fignewtons.
by John Farrell April 08, 2004
crap and/or shit
that's some crazy shizznoz yo
where'd you get that shizznoz yo!?
by John Farrell January 02, 2003
An annoying nerd who has little skateboarding skills.
Bortron, whats wrong with you?
by John Farrell April 04, 2004
Slang for Kensington, Md
Yo K-Town is better than bethesda
by John Farrell April 04, 2004
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