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3 definitions by John Enken

According to the FX version of Pineapple Express, the polite and censored alternative to saying Motha Fucka.
Matheson: You want to wear my vest? It smell good.
Budlofsky: No thanks, not my style.
Matheson: Style? You ain't got no style, "mucka lucka".

Guy 1: *playing Halo Reach* Take that mucka lucka!
Guy 2: Did you mean to say motha fucka?
Guy 1: No
Guy 2: Oh
by John Enken December 30, 2010
When someone has so much swag that the onlooker feels like they were hit with a grenade of pure swaggage.
Jeff: Hey man, you heard of that mofo Tyler the Creator?
Cliff: Yeah what about him?
Jeff: I saw a pic of him man. Felt like I was hit with a swag grenade!
Cliff: For serious???
Jeff: For definitely.

Christy: Hey you dropped somethin.
Robin: *looks down*
Christy: Your swag!
Robin: That's a lie! That onlooker there took one glance at me and she looked like she was hit with a swag grenade!
Christy: You're right. Forgive me.
by John Enken September 30, 2011
A pointless yet amusing alternative to the term leggings
Georgia Guy: Dude, are those leggings?
Texas Guy: Nah, we call those leggums. That's how we do it in Texas.
Georgia Guy: Well that's a pointless yet amusing alternative.
by John Enken March 14, 2011