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A word construct from "Liberal" and "Haemerroid" since both are a pain in the butt- An irritating communist
" Dan Rather pitched another one of his liberoid tantrums the other night."
by John E. Walker April 25, 2003
" Hey! Ramond's wife she done had a tu'd grabbuh."
by John E. Walker April 26, 2003
a high pitched, crepitating fart- Alt fripple-fart; A small, irritating person.
" Oh No! you invited that little fripple-fart to the party!"
by John E. Walker April 25, 2003
An unemployable, ineffectual, mentally ill liberal hired by the government for no particular reason.
" Before she was institutionalized, Sally was a Social Worker."
by John E. Walker April 25, 2003

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