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3 definitions by John E. Danger

A term used to describe when somebody takes a long time to orgasm, usually when somebody of the male species has sex with a woman long enough for her to orgasm more than once. One who can not go the distance is a minute man.
Oh man, Listen to her moan! I think he's going the distance!
by John E. Danger January 22, 2004
10 5
Italian American. (See also original gangsta
Look at that guiedo in his caddy with his St. Christopher statue on the dashboard!
by John E. Danger January 22, 2004
16 30
1. Any Italian-American who is a "playa" or "pimp".

2. Any mafiosi.
1. Damn, that guiedo is an original gangsta!

2. Ah crap, I think we just crashed into that guy's car.. Look at that tommy gun! He must be an original gangsta!
by John E. Danger January 22, 2004
22 69