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A fictional football team based on real college students. Selected by John D and named by Joseph F the team stands at an average of 5"7 the tallest player being Sam F with the shortest being Generoso D/Michael J. The current manager is Hans Moleman (from T.V. show 'The Simpsons') and captain is John D. With a 4-4-2 formation the team's traditional colours include black, white with some grey. Since 2005 the team have had over 6 sponsors including Pepsi, Innovations, ProTech, McDonalds, Waitrose and SportsWorld. Their most aggressive player is Lee W and the player with the scruffiest hair is James B. Daniel T (goalkeeper) has the most favourable styled hair - an 'old skool' carribean afro.
The real Moleman United college players entered a 5-a-side football tournament last year and finished 3rd. Coincidently, only five members of the team are world class. Joseph F, Chris G, Generoso D, John D and Peter H.
by John Duckworth December 28, 2005
a sensation one feels in the presence of a beautiful smart girl that is named Jen. The feeling is one of numbness and awe.
John gets a jentastic sensation everytime this one girl named Jen is nearby.
by John Duckworth May 18, 2008

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