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Fabled xboxlive player. Known for extreme amounts of rape, killing, and destruction. He is usually seen in the top 5 percentile on the leaderboards of the games he plays. He was frequently been spotted in games such as Halo 2 (because Halo 3 is for nubs, IHO), Battle Field 2 MC, and most recently CoD4.

(Not IRL rape, just xboxlive Rape.)
nub gamer: "d00d i was playin CoD4 and this FaultlessOne guy kept raping me every time i spawned"

nub gamer friend: "oh shit d00d, i've heard of that guy. I hear he can snipe spawn points from across the map, while prone, only using a Desert Eagle"

nub gamer: "dayyyyuuuummmmmm"
by John Dorean January 13, 2008
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