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A person who while participating in a game of Halo looks at his opponents screen to gain unfiar advantage. This is considered an extremelty "gay" tactic by seasoned halo players. When discovered, screen watchers should be promply shot in the head.
"Hey Strode, if you don't stop being a screen watcher, I'll pop a cap in yo ass"
by John Dominy August 17, 2007
The action of slapping someone one with a nectarine.
"Ken was being a douche, so I nectoslapped that bitch."
by John Dominy August 17, 2007
Very similar to Wonkavision, but with nectarines.
Person 1-"Dude, we're out of nectarines. We're completely and utterly fucked"

Person 2-"No we're not. We still have the Nectovision"
by John Dominy September 01, 2007
Herbie the Outdoor Urban Dweller is a homeless person who resides in the Woodbury Height area. Herbie lives off on the land, eating trash and small children . While Herbie is not known to be agressive, it is not a good idea to throw staplers at him.
"Man, Herbie the Outdoor Urban Dweller just hit me up for change."
by John Dominy August 17, 2007
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