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A person who works despite a strike is going on. Synonym: Strikebreaker, Black-Leg.

Knobsticks are employed worldwide since the 19th century, wherever workers go on strike or engage in related actions. United Kingdom laws permit strikebreaking, and courts have significantly restricted the right of unions to punish members who act as Knobsticks. In the U.S, employers enjoy the unrestricted right to permanently replace strikers with strikebreakers.
Foreigners do not steal jobs, bosses and Knobsticks do.
#thatcher #marxism #strikebreaker #scab #strike
by John Doe sports version October 21, 2014
Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin Adversary to human race. Official name for the grotesque alien creatures of the Muv Luv visual novel/anime franchise. Identification tips of most BETA types: multiple limbs on lower body, phallic head, giant mouth with only molars. All other alien organisms associated with identified BETAs are their more dangerous cousins.

They can and will consume everything in their path if not stopped by 36MM chaingun fire. Don't panic if you think this description fits some humans you know.
A: You're such a dickhead for helping yourself to my fridge.
B: I'm practicing my BETA imitation routine! (bites A)
#anime #robot #alien #greed #molars
by John Doe sports version March 24, 2013
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