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The rule: A person who dates a significantly younger person should try to leave them "better off" when the relationship ends.
Erin loved dating men half her age. However, she always practiced the campfire rule.
by John Deigh November 13, 2009
A corporate socialist, or political atheist, who represents the interests of the richest 100 or so people in the world (aka Global Control of the masses). Neocons mostly pose as republicans. Neocons pretend to support good ideas like free markets and free people, but work tirelessly to promote corporate socialism and monopolism that control people. Big corporate $ supports neocons. That is why they win more elections than genuine conservatives (truecons). Modern day progressive "liberals" love to paint neocons as "extreme right wingers" to keep up their cover in the republican party to further corrupt it.
T.R. was the 1st neocon republican president, followed by all republican and democrat presidents thereafter, except Harding, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and somewhat Reagan.
by John Deigh February 27, 2011

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