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having a quicky, like f*cking in the bathroom
My roommate walked in as we were knocking it out in the kitchen.
by John Deere June 08, 2004
This is the Urbanized Area and Commercial district of the Town of Minot. Has the highest crime rate in the whole town. 1 crime is commited every year. This area is ver culturaly diverse with 99% of it being white and 1% Puerto Rican. 0% are homosexual. It is home of the nationaly known Village Trading Post or Slattery's by the locals.
Gangsta- Yo Dawg whurr u from?
White- West Minot
Gangsta- Fo Real?
White- Yes
Gangsta- Damn dawg thats a rough town i'd get shot there
White- Probably
by John Deere January 08, 2005
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