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Thugs transplanted from the ghetto of New Orleans to Houston, where the truth of their ungratefulness shows. Filthy riff-raff, what would you have gotten if you survived a hurricane in Bangladesh or some other God forsaken place and survived? Not a damn thing. And, you don't see them bitching. Uh and YES, it's hard to find a decent job when you're already a CONVICTED FELON. Even Mc Donald's these days don't want you. So a new crime wave, aye? Good people of Houston, get your CHL; exercise your rights.
The Katricians have threatened a LARGER and CONTINUED crime wave if they don't get, yes, MORE FREE shit! Put them all on busses back to N. O., PLENTY of CASH work available. Houston: No good deed goes unpunished!!!!
by John D. Smith September 25, 2006

More commonly referred to as a Marriage, or getting married but with a variable and inevitable result in divorce. This is usually perpetuated by the female half, or fuck maker, by way of sabotage resulting in the PRE-DIVORCE maturing to a DIVORCE.

One could compare a PRE-DIVORCE to a CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT at a bank, except that rather than the inevitable fixed maturity date of the bank CD, the PRE-DIVORCE has an inevitable variable maturity date.

Also see: fuck maker
“The only way to make sure that little girl don’t make a fuck outta you, is not to let her con you into a PRE-DIVORCE. When the milk is free, never buy the cow!!!”
by John D. Smith October 11, 2006

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