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The second most deadly virus known. Very contagious. Transfered through air, water, food and contact. Transfer via sexual relations is unknown, due to lack of field data (please contact Nerd-Quarters Worldwide if you have such data).
Side effects include: other individuals not understanding your conversation, inexplicable increases/decreases in IQ level, failing eyesight, intense urges for cheetos, calcium loss in bones, sudden loss of interest in sexual relations, mario theme appreciation, nosebleeds, sudden death by bludgeoning, sword, or computer case shock.
Bob: "uh oh. looks like poor Billy has caught the nerd virus"
John: "Tch Tch, well looks like there is no other way. Take him out back and put him down Bob. Here use my sword."
by John Connor 2006 February 03, 2006
A special kind of nerd. This nerd is probably at the very top of the Nerd Hierachy. The nerd level is so high, that anyone in the direct field of his presence would probably be infected with his/her nerd virus. Very dangerous.
Dude1: "Holy ****. a nerd slinger."
Dude-ette1: "Quick, to the escape hatch."
by John Connor 2006 February 03, 2006

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