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a.) The act of comforting small-minded, insecure white Americans by promising war with smaller, weaker countries of a non-white ethnicity.

b.) To remove citizens 200 year old civil rights under the guise of protection from foreign threats. The act of seizing upon a society's fears in order to push through a fascist agenda.
by John Cocktoastin January 30, 2003
an expression of disgust, disdain or disapproval, usually uttered after someone has just told you something totally inane or uninteresting.
"Hey, I'm going to vote Republican this year, isn't that cool." "Pfft!"
by John Cocktoastin January 27, 2003
1. The improper pronunciation of the word "nuclear" as used by President George W. Bush when describing weapons of mass destruction.
"We must have a regime change in Iraq, before Saddam Hussein can develop nookyooler weapons."

"North Korea has admitted to having a secret nookyooler weapons program."
by John Cocktoastin January 27, 2003
1. a person who resides in a living space normally reserved for clothing.
2. a person with little interest in the opposite sex unless there are no video games around
3. Someone who calls in sick to work...ALOT
"That guy should come out of the closet, why is he such a Netting?"

"That girls digs you, don't be a Netting man!"

"Man, I totally pulled a Netting and didn't go to work today"
by John Cocktoastin January 27, 2003
1. Extremely ugly, hideous
2. An extremely messed up object, person, or situation
1. I'd probably hit that if her face wasn't so fankled.

2. I was fankled the morning after we hit that yayo.
by John Cocktoastin November 27, 2002
Used to describe a woman that is extremely ugly, beyond hideous, the utmost of fankledness (see fankled), almost to the point of looking like some kind of unidentified humanoid creature.
Damn!!!!!!! Look out for that creature, bro.
by John Cocktoastin November 27, 2002
1. an acronym used by supergeeks in order to express approval of comments or anecdotes or to acknowledge a humorous occurrence, usually typed in chatrooms or during online gaming.
2. A sure-fire indication that one will never be laid by a woman you don't pay for.
"hhhmmmhey...I mega-fragged OCClanSuPerPain039 when he tried to grab the flag...ROTFLMFAO....glavin...hhmhey"
by John Cocktoastin January 28, 2003

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