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this would be slang talk for
pour me some more

alternate ; lil po me sum mo < nickname for a leetch
yo leroy " po me sum mo lickka nikka "
bess be ya own, or I'll trounce ya ass right out my home
by John Carter March 02, 2005
a name for a big motha fucka who dominates by any means possible
feed yo block den bleed ya block
same way a bitch do to a cock
by John Carter March 02, 2005
bruesh is code word for taking a cruise. What do you do when you cruise?

-you smoke a fat joint
lets go bruesh one chonger
by John Carter March 02, 2005
deep in a cavern
down in the dungeon you know where the people walk in the deeps, hades, that far down
hes walkin along the catacolms of the deep
found emself diggin upside a japanese street
by John Carter March 23, 2005
People who run around bragging about how many bitches they've fucked/dicks they've sucked
quit braggin bout ya finnigans, you bunk wit bubs juss like your name wuz gilligan
by John Carter August 25, 2005
certain used with a southern slang
yeah thats right you knew it jc with another head banger hah
I slang em rocks to em blocks fo coiton
by John Carter April 14, 2005
that's the bunk weed ya mexicans been grown

like sayin its shit
yo I don't want to buy ya keef reef
yo I don't want ya keefer reefer
by John Carter March 02, 2005
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