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A retard who enjoys eating dicks of dead men. When he sees a dead man he jumps and yells for joy, and then eats his penis. If he sees a man that is alive he will kill him, by biting him on the neck, just so he can eat his penis.
(Guy) Hey look at that funny guy
(Girl) Oh my god thats a Dunkhase
(Girl) I am lucky because I am a girl
by John Carmens March 05, 2008
A girl dressed like a man to disguise the fact that she can't get a boyfriend so she has to try and get a girlfriend
(Girl) I am going out with that hot guy over there.
(Other Girl) Careful he looks wired, he might be a Skeldon
by John Carmens March 05, 2008
A weird person who never has anything interesting to say, so they just babble on about stupid stuff.
(Kid) ...anyway, after that I said no way! He said back to me, yes way! and then I said...
(Other Kid) Shut up! Shut up you Burdeshaw!
by John Carmens March 05, 2008
Someone who thinks they are cool when they are really stupid fags.
(kid) I am so cool
(friend) no you're not you are a Kang
(kid) I know because I am so cool
by John Carmens March 05, 2008
1. A hippie, who has crazy hair, and is retarded in every way posible and eats human eyes.
Im blind!
Because that Chandler ate your eyes
by John Carmens March 16, 2008
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