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4 definitions by John Canu

In US politics, the counterpart of a Republicrat. Republicrat politicians belong to any one of the two main political parties but their voting record does not distinguish them from the other. Demoblican politicians also, but they belong to the other main political party.
Under Republicrat rule, man exploits man. When the Demoblicans take power, it shall be the other way around.
by John Canu November 03, 2006
In US politics, the term used by Demobrats (obnoxious young Democrats) to refer to their counterparts: the obnoxious young Republicans.
The closest approximation to Hell on Earth is a campus full of Republibrats and Demobrats at election time.
by John Canu November 03, 2006
A person who sets norms for what is or is not a planet, a star, a galaxy, dark matter, etc.
At a 24 August 2006 international meeting of Earthling astronormers, it was voted that Pluto is not a planet. After the news reached Pluto (several hours at the speed of light), a hastily called meeting of the Plutonian Astronormical Society unanimously proclaimed that Earth is dirt, and that Earthlings are full of worse than that.
by John Canu November 03, 2006
traffic congestion caused by the spillage of vegetables on a highway.
Peas and Queues: —
On June 16th, a truck spilled 18 tons of peas on a busy highway in eastern England, bringing traffic to a standstill for more than 12 hours. The truck overturned after colliding with a bus near Grantham in Lincolnshire. The 23 people on the bus were not seriously hurt, but traffic was diverted while authorities cleaned up the millions of peas. The road was reopened the following day.
— (Washington State Department of Transportation)
by John Canu October 28, 2006