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Considered to be the second largest commuter school in Florida, next to Disney World, UCF provides students of all ages (Especially those aged 40+ who never got the chance to go to college) an opportunity to attend and print out a copy of a Bachelor's Degree from their library.

UCF is a model school when it comes to a lack of school spirit. When asked, 50% claimed their mascot to be Mickey Mouse, 40% said it was a horse, and 10% said they didn't know what a mascot was.

Understanding that many of their students commute from either Disney World or their parent's house, UCF has made great strides in ensuring that freshman still receive some form of the "college experience" by promoting and encouraging the "Freshman 15," which remains spearheaded by the Greek Life, mainly the sororities.

Originally, University of Central Florida's (UCF) intended purpose was to educate students in preparation for employment at Disney World as janitors, but an increase of recent standards by Disney have made it impossible for UCF graduates to work there. In order to accommodate for this, UCF has begun shuffling new graduates into fast food franchises, with the exception of Chickfila.

While still an accredited school, its status as a university remains questionable. When those responsible for accrediting schools was asked "why," they responded with, "We thought it would be funny."
Son: "Hey dad, I only got into two schools. McDonald's and University of Central Florida. Which one should I go to?"

Father: "Ok, son, for one, McDonald's isn't a school... but if you're asking me which option will give you more of a future, go to McDonald's."

Person#1: "So did you get into any colleges?"
Person#2: "UCF"
Person#1: "...So no?"
Person#2: "Yeah..."
Person#1: "I'm really sorry"
by John C. Hitt January 03, 2011
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