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(n/v) a holiday finger bang usually given when one forgets to get a significant lady friend a gift.

The level of the jingle finger increases if 1) performed in a one-horse open sleigh 2) performed while one or both of the people hum "Jingle Bells" 3) occurs between the months November through January

Note: It is important to never present the jingle finger as an excuse--it is always to be presented as a holiday treat.

Synonym for Yule Long, which involves a fist of jingle fingers.
Ann: I got you an i-pod for Christmas, Bob!

Bob (in head): Shit! I forgot a present for Ann!
Bob (to Ann): Thanks, girl. I got you something special: a jingle finger. Let's go to my sleigh!

Ann: I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
by John Buckner October 08, 2011

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